Thursday, June 2, 2011

CVS Pharmacy Spectrum Building Amherst Elmwood Garbage Mentioned In Today's Buffalo News

Over the rainbow
It might look humble, with its boxy dimensions, its Dumpster-spewing garbage and candy wrappers. (Buzz loves how Dumpster is capitalized, like Realtor.) No matter. The Spectrum Building is Buffalo’s unofficial City Hall. Buzz beheld Mayor Byron Brown, immaculately suited, in the Spectrum Building a few days ago. A friend spotted former Mayor Tony Masiello in the Spectrum Building a few days before that. You’ve never seen the Spectrum Building? Sure you have. It’s the CVS at the corner of Elmwood and Amherst streets. It is identified as the Spectrum Building on the online CVS store locator, and on prescription receipts. Why? We learned there was a nightclub by that name on that site in the 1970s. Ha, ha! We can respect that. Now, Spectrum Building, get that garbage under control. You have your image to think about.

Thursday, May 26, 2011